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He was busy fishing. We paused in our kayaks, enjoying that magic moment of expectation, wondering where and when he would resurface. After several blissful minutes he claimed his territory with this display, and we moved on.

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Monhegan Island Light  Moments of light on a Maine Island


I just had the pleasure of spending another week on Monhegan, making art.  It was a week of plein air painting and photographing, of hiking from dawn to dusk to my favorite places to find the most amazing light.

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A Vibrant Afternoon at the Lake | NH Landscape  


Can you feel the energy?

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More Senior Portraits | NH Lakes Region|

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Can you believe how BEAUTIFUL this morning is? | NH Foliage | Landscape  


Morning light, fall colors, rising fog. 

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Senior Portraits | NH | Lakes Region Senior ProtraThis

What an honor to make portraits of this beautiful young woman. 

Thank you.

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Morning Fog on Lake Wicwas | NH Photographer

Every morning this week there has been a different dramatic "reveal" of the landscape through the fog.

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Upper Saranac Lake Wedding | Tobin Wedding at Canaras It was the perfect wedding weekend. 

Luke and Anna chose to get married in the presence of their  family and dearest friends at the place where they originally met: St. Lawrence University's Camp Canaras on Upper Saranac Lake, NY. 

Russ and I were there all weekend to document this most important "moment" of their lives as well as share in their celebration. The weekend and ceremony were perfect for them: every detail was personal. While so many weddings look the same, this one was uniquely theirs.


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Loon Family | Lake Wicwas, NH

We were blessed with two loon chicks this year.  

For images of loons from past years, visit here.


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New Hampshire Foliage | Fine Art Landscape Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk for just an hour across the road from my house.  I was hoping for some glorious fall color, but the light was slim through the trees.  I am happy, 'though, because it made me look.  And I am happy with what I found, and what I was able to create from it.



These images and more New Hampshire landscape are available here.

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Newborn Sweetness I love it when friends ask me to photograph their dearest.  What an honor to document these first moments.


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Siblings Two sweet children,  a great location, and soft light all contributed to this smooth and 'effortless' portrait session!   These pictures just make me smile!

I have had the pleasure of photographing both these children since they were born . I must be their official family photographer!




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Snowy Owl | Wish Granted 'All' I wanted was to see a snowy owl that was NOT on a rooftop, not surrounded by the paparazzi and its police escort. I wanted a personal owl.


We'd witnessed the "celebrity" snowy owl that was in residence in Rye Harbor for well over a month, it seemed to move only from rooftop to rooftop.


Yesterday morning my wish was granted. Russ saw it first, a white rock being mobbed by crows.   I barely had time to get out there with my camera before an ambivalent beachcomber walked too close.   The first images I made were of it flying.  Eventually, urged by the rising tide at its feet, it took to the air and thankfully flew back to 'our' shore.  What more could I ask for?   While I have the details of feather and wing in my photographs, I have the elegant and efficient flight of this magnificent visitor engraved in my memory.


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Hockey Mom | Concord Capitals Bantam Hockey Below are a few hockey pictures from the last several games.  Some of my peeps have been asking why they haven't seen any pictures when I always have my camera at games.  Well, now that it is "spring" break I have time to look at folders (and folders!) of hockey pictures...

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Silver Light Late afternoon light  creates abstract designs on an icy beaver pond in Hamlin Park, Meredith, NH.

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Winter Blues: NH Landscape A snowshoe through beautiful fresh powder on a glorious blue sky Sunday afternoon resulted in some fun abstractions.  Here is a glimpse.


How curious it is walk over the swamps and water that we kayak and swim through in the summer, the blue water solid beneath our feet. It is good to know a place in all its seasons.


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Mid- November Warmth Mid-November quickly feels so drab compared to October. Gone are the luminescent and energetic colors.  Mid-November feels bare and cold, naked. 

I found some warmth  in the seaside landscape of Rye, NH. I created all these images at Odiorne State Park.


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Girl Power | Portraits of my Daughter | Lakes Region NH Photographer Emily has patiently posed for me throughout her lifetime.  (Thank you, Emily!)   But these portraits are very different. My goal was to illustrate her personal and physical strength, and I am really pleased with the images we were able to achieve.  To see the rest of the best, click here.



Contact me  if you are interested in this style of portrait!

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Boys | Dramatic Lighting | NH Photographers Blog Circle I've been creating portraits in the studio pretty intensely for the last month. Studio light is fascinating. As much as I love natural light and a "lifestyle" or photojournalistic approach to image-making, I also appreciate being able to predict and control the light and to create images that match my vision.

Because the monthly assignment for the group of NH photographers is "dramatic lighting", I set up the studio this morning and created portraits of two of my favorite BOYS.

At the bottom of this post be sure to click on the link to Princeton House Photography's new work.

Follow the circle to Stephanie's dramatic light images at Princeton House Photography.

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